No need for the RCI

While inquiring minds wants to know what exactly happened at that fateful moment when Teoh plunged to his death, police investigations takes time and we do not know head or tail about the facts of the matter yet.

But it did not stop some people from pointing accusing fingers at the authorities. The opposition leaders, especially LGE accused the MACC as being responsible for Teoh’s death plain and simple, others with their own insinuations spiced with racial rempah ratus and suchs, the Bar Council chips in questioning MACC interogation procedures and of course we have seen the theatrics on TV of Mr Antagonist himself in the underworld drama who went berserk at MACC office. Who the duck he think he is?

On a lesser accusing scale there are those who call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry, notably a prominent political has beens, government left wingers and the PR folks.

The MCA and MIC who would normally went out to town with similar issues during the dysfunctional Sleepy Dol era who they can easily jerked around, this time around opted for a more sedated stance of just asking for the RCI. They couldn’t help with a bit of sabre-rattling though, saying they will fight for RCI in the cabinet.

While the RCI is perfectly ok, since when does witnesses in whatever investigation who unfortunately turn out dead for whatever reason need a Royal Commission of Inquiry, especially since MACC have no conceivable motives to cause the death of the willing witness and when the witness is worth more to them alive than dead. The police can do the job just fine.

Seems the potshots at the MACC are desperate acts of a certain political party under scrutiny in the corruption investigation that lead to Teoh’s death in the first place, trying to divert the attention of the public from the main issue.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the PR state governments are duds. Their much touted CAT are more apt describing the kucing – CAT, kurap that riddled their governments in Penang, previously Perak and of course the state under current scrutiny, Selangor, more than anything else. Bear in mind that these are barely one year old governments who were barely voted-in into office for the first time EVER. Obviously they take no time to show their stripes. They even go one up on the government / private sector cooperation Malaysian Inc. idea and starts a government / underworld cooperation.

Extrapolate the brazen excesses of one year-old state governments couple of decades into the future and figure them winning during the period again and again with a a bit bigger majority, never mind a 2/3 majority, their excesses would probably make BN at their worst look like delinquent schoolboys.

The issue does not merited a RCI and the cabinet should not play into the hands of parties who are squirming like worms exposed to heat looking at turning the current sad turn of events into a sunshine to make political hay for the purpose of their self-preservation and extending their collapsing agenda.

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